Sunday, August 28, 2005

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The Da Vinci Code

If u have read this new Dan Brown novel, you know what Im saying.Move over Rowling, we have I winner here. First of all I think the facts about PHI ie the number 1.618 mentioned in this book is simply mindblowing.leonardo Da Vinci explained this with his painting The Vitruvian Man.The ratio of lengths of so many parts of our arms and legs is PHI.To show this Leonardo da Vinci actually exhumed dead bodies.Also if you draw a pentacle or a pentagram the lines devide themselves into segments having the ratio PHI other examples of PHI are the quotients of the successive numbers in the fibonacci sequence this number is present everywhere in nature. Also Da Vinci was a maverik , anti church person member of the secret organisation 'The Priory of Sion' comes as a shocker.(all these are actual facts )

If you read on you will be baffled by the part on The Last Supper, in which Jesus Christ's supposed girl friend is shown,and peter(saint Peter for us) is gesturing to kill here.Then is the part on how the holy grail is not the cup in which Jesus drank at his last supper but the facts about his girl friend and mother of his son.(this part is fiction) The facts mentioned in the book are actually more entertaining than the fiction.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Think Big

27th MARCH: Yesterday I saw Vivek Paul's interview on walk the talk hosted by Shekhar Gupta on NDTV 24/7(which by the way i think is a gr8 channel). One point he made about India was that Indian's are content with small things.
Like Indians are satisfied with a7-8 % growth, but the point shekhar gupta made was that who has put a limit on this why just 7-8 % why not more.We just don't dream big enough. Like once upon the time when the silk route trade was flourishing India and china contributed to 25 and 33 % of world trade respectively while today china is confident that one day it will achieve that sattus again where as India will be happy to contribute upto 0.5% of world trade in the next few years.
Geo politic strength in today's world is achieved by economic might. To get our economy going zipping the government has to improve the pathetic infastructure present today manifold. Compare India's economic capital Mumbai with Shangai and you know what I am talking about. Mumbai is the most crowded place in the world, I think. Whenever I visit the city I wonder why does anyone bother to live in such a city.