Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunil Mittal

For a long time, I was contemplating about writing something on this person.

The first instance was when I saw his interview on NDTV. Sunil Mittal, the Airtel guy.

Sunil Mittal is from a small place from Haryana. After graduating from university he wanted to start his own business, so he moved in to Mumbai, against the advise of his elders.

His first business was a complete failure. Later he moved in the telephone sector. He introduced the 'beetel' telephones, at a time when all you found were the stereotype rotating dial phones. That was before 1991, when he was not allowed to import them. So he had to instead assemble parts imported from Japan.

Later around 1993, mobile was a new thing. He entered the mobile sevice area, and was ridiculed by most since this was a business that required deep pockets. This period from 1993 onwards was filled with all sorts of litigations regarding awarding lisences. He baged the lisence for Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi around 1999. After a couple of years he introduced the AIRTEL brand. It has been smooth sailing since then.

Bharti enterprise was in the recent fortune 500 list of companies. He truly represents the New Age Indian entrepreneur.

Remeber the first Frienship Cup between India and Pakistan at Toronto, that time there used to be this constant musical jig commercial between overs, which went, "to see your beautifull smile....." that was Bharti Telecom back then.

Monday, March 27, 2006


I couple of days back I got a video clip of Vikram Sathye, in which he had imitated several cricketers. It was aired on SET MAX a long time back. I had in particular like it. I am sure you must have watched it too.

Here is a piece of it which was really good.

He imitates Micheal Holding, who is commentating in a match involving Australia.
Adam Gilchrist hooks the ball.

MH: Adam Gilchrist is a great 'Hooker'
The West Indians of the 70s were a bunch of great 'Hookers'
Adam Gilchrist too, gives people totally their money's worth!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To hate all roses.....

It is Madnesss.....

To hate all roses because you got hurt with one thorn

To give up on your dreams because one didn't come true

To loose faith in prayers because one was not answered

To give up on your efforts because one of them failed

To condemn all friends when one betrayed you

Not to believe in love because someone was unfaithfull

To throw away all your chances to be happy because you did not succeed on the first attempt

As you go on your way don't give in to madness

Remember always another chance may come up

Another friend, A new love with no gaps, A renewed stremgth

Be persistent look for happiness everyday

It is often with failure that future success come up

Keep trying and smiling, god bless you.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Marxist Prime Minister

If India hada marxist PM. This is how India would be. Too good.

Barmy Media

The British media drawing inspiration from the Ramayana, for the last test against India at the Wankhede. It's intresting! Read on.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


On this snowy wednersday afternoon came home early from school, to study. While watching CNN, which was flashing news about president Bush's visit to India, in the incredibly long commercial break, caught sight of something, which looked....... well, Indian. It was the new 'INCREDIBLE INDIA' campaign of the Ministry of Tourism, to promote India. It is a great time to launch it, when India is hogging the news in the US media for the nuclear deal.
The incredible india promo aired can be found here.

Of Nostalgia and the Economy

Here is an article from 'The Indian Express'.