Thursday, June 11, 2009

History of Shard Pawar by Kumar Ketkar

I think Kumar Ketkar is one of the most knowledgeable political journalist in India. Read here, his article in IE about Shard Pawar's political ambition.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Bang on target

Sudheerendra Kulkarni's editorial in Tehelka. Read Here.


1. Why did the BJP invite this weakness upon itself? The reason has to do with the widespread ideological confusion within the party over what the BJP’s advocacy of Hindutva actually means. The confusion has persisted for a long time, but it intensified after the defeat of the BJP/NDA in 2004.

2.At a broader level, it is high time the BJP seriously debated and decided what it means by ‘Hindutva’, and also what formulations of ‘Hindutva’ are not acceptable to it. True, the BJP must remain an ideology-driven party. But without clarity on what the BJP’s ideology is, the party cannot win the support of more Hindus, let alone the support of Muslims and Christians. Understood as ‘Cultural Nationalism’ in an inclusive, integrative and noncommunal sense, Hindutva indeed defines the organizing and sustaining principle of the Indian Nation.
v.v.good point

3. Never in the history of the Jana Sangh or the BJP was the party enfeebled by so much disarray at the top.

4.Where does the BJP go from here? The answer depends on how honest and widespread the introspection about the past and the future is within the BJP, and how thorough the corrective action in the near future will be. For this to happen, the party should encourage free debate, based on constructive criticism and self-criticism.

BJP leaders have, in their reaction to this column, already ignored the constructive honest introspection part mentioned in 4.