Saturday, September 03, 2005


Few days back I came across a blog on rediff, with this really amazing post; so i quote from it,
" Spring, is when it rains where I live. Not the downpour that one is used to in India. Here it is a disappointing trickle that is over even before it began and yesterday while watching ‘Rain Coat’ I couldn't help but ache to get drenched in such a downpour again. Warm rain pelting down on me furiously. While the roads flood and people hitch their clothes up to wade across the slushy streets. While bicyclists lift their legs in the air as they maneuver a puddle. While autorickaws with flapping plastic sheets pinned across the openings oblige to take you home for nothing less than twice the usual fare. But would I fling the door open and keep the windows shut the whole time someone from my past arrives unannounced. I am afraid this time I will stand behind the shut door and wait for the seasons to change."

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams: One of my fav singers Posted by Picasa

From the mid-'80s to the mid-'90s, Canadian singer/songwriter and guitarist Bryan Adams was one of the most successful recording artists in popular music worldwide. Usually dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and white T-shirts, the energetic performer stalked stages around the globe, electric guitar in hand, singing his own up-tempo pop/rock songs and ballads before audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. He released a series of multi-platinum albums containing chart-topping singles featured in popular motion pictures. His raspy voice, simple compositions, and straightforward musical approach earned him early critical approbation as a likable if unoriginal rock & roll journeyman, but as he began to become massively popular, reviewers increasingly pointed out the clichés in his lyrics and the derivative nature of his music, especially as he softened his style in the early '90s for his hit movie theme songs.

Adams was born Bryan Guy Adams on November 5, 1959, in Kingston, Ontario. (His middle name referred to Guy Fawkes, the British conspirator executed for an attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605, resulting in the observation of Guy Fawkes Day in England each November 5.) Adams' parents were British émigrés; his father, Conrad J. Adams, was a military diplomat, his mother, Elizabeth Jane Adams, had been a schoolteacher and librarian. His father's occupation caused the family to move extensively during Adams' childhood. They relocated to Ottawa when he was six, then his father began to get overseas postings, first in Vienna and next Portugal, where the family lived from 1967 to 1971. By his early adolescence, Adams had begun to show an interest in music, playing drums before taking up the guitar. From Portugal, the family briefly moved back to Ottawa, and then went to Tel Aviv. Adams had been expected to enroll at Sandhurst, a military academy in England both his father and grandfather had attended, but he refused. In the mid-'70s, his parents separated, and he returned to Ottawa with his mother and younger brother before settling permanently in Vancouver. While attending high school, he increasingly spent his time auditioning for rock bands, gaining greater success when he tried out as a singer rather than as a guitarist. By the age of 16, he was fronting a local band called Shock.

His Hits include summer of 69, 18 till I die, everything I do, Heaven, Here I am, and the latest open road.

The official Bryan Adams site

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Technology: India a developed nation.

I think to become a developed nation, we should develop new technology ourselves. What I mean by technology is not just high tech, sophisticated, expensive gadgets, but simple concepts which can make one a capable entrepreneur, i.e it will help the individual as well the nation as a whole (no matter in how small a way). Our engineering colleges churn out several thousands(optimistic figure) of engineers every year. But engineers who have become engineers buy writing excellent papers, getting good marks, and mugging text books. There is little or no practical application of this knowledge. I think we should include research in our gradute programs also.
In his book vision 2020 APJ Abdul kalam has noted that in India the golden triangle between academics, industry and R&d has not emerged. If this emerges then with funds from industry using facilities of the R&D labs and student labor, we can develop new technologies ourselves.
Also yet another facet of this is that the technology existing in our defence and aerospace labs can be used for commercial and social purposes. An excellent example of this is that, in one aerospace lab in hyderabad superlight but tough titanium alloy used in satellites was used to make crippers for the handicapped.