Friday, December 30, 2005

Under the california sun

Well this winter I got an opportunity to visit San Fransisco, california; very gratefull to my friend Amit who more than welcomed me there. This is not a personal type of blog, but i can't resisit from sharing my experiences there.

I was more than happy to get away from the winter in dakota. I was delighted I didn't have to be armed with any coats, jackets and mittens while going out, was a funny kind of freedom. The weather in california is perpetually sunny.

Well I traveled to Disneyland, I could have gone completely crazy if I had gone there as a kid. It is a complete paradise for kids, and given the fact that I would die to sit in the tora-toras in Pune, I would have had more than a blast. In infact I enjoyed the 3-D shows of 'Shrek', and 'A bugs life', and the musical show 'Alaadin' more; they are a must go in Disneyland. Along with disneyland in LA, I also got to visit Universal Studios or Hollywood, and Laguna beach there. I was wishing to see Courtney Cox in Hollywood, but instead had to be content with watching the shooting of the soap opera Desperate Houswives.

You can't go to california and not visit Vegas, the city of brightness. I had to be content with just seeing the lightings and 'more', as I was no good with poker. I just played the slot machines, and made five dollars in it. Things I saw in SF include the golden gate bridge, fisherman's warf, pier's 39.

Best part of the trip was that I got to have a lot of desi food, dosas punjabi and more punjabi food. Also managed to sneak in a hindi movie in the desi theater at SF; 'Bluffmaster' which believe me is damn good.

The return journey was typical of Dakota, flight delayed due to snow! Although I might say a lot of things about Dakota, but it did feel like coming home afterall!

PS: You might want to drop in at my other blog THE MIRAGE to get a glimpse of California and Vegas.


the Mad "Chef" said...

Happy New Year...

Zaki M said...

Pratik - you are a pakka desi. Inspite of so many things to do, you found time out for 'bluffmaster' - hats off to you mate!!

The Bhandari's said...

happy new year prateek.........I too wish I get a chance to visit disneyland

Pratik said...

hey zaki,
I was there for a abt 10 days, so I had plenty of time,I didn't miss any other stuff because of the flim :)

Zaki M said...

Pratik bhai - I was kidding :D

btw - Wishing you a prosperous and happy New Year