Monday, March 27, 2006


I couple of days back I got a video clip of Vikram Sathye, in which he had imitated several cricketers. It was aired on SET MAX a long time back. I had in particular like it. I am sure you must have watched it too.

Here is a piece of it which was really good.

He imitates Micheal Holding, who is commentating in a match involving Australia.
Adam Gilchrist hooks the ball.

MH: Adam Gilchrist is a great 'Hooker'
The West Indians of the 70s were a bunch of great 'Hookers'
Adam Gilchrist too, gives people totally their money's worth!!!


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Anirudh said...

hmm..yes that piece of imitation was damn funny....also the part where he imitates srikkanth.."i got taalent macha"...too good!

Pratik said...
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Pratik said...

@anirudh, yup 'i got talent mucha, all thiz pitch report and all is abzulutly useless mucha', it was good indeed!!!