Friday, July 07, 2006

Pope scared of hawking?

According to this article, Pope John Paul 2, asked scientists at a conference not to study too much about the beginning of the universe since it was the work of God. Probably he might have been gravely concerned about science exposing the theist fallacy.

I really wonder if the religious leaders do know that they are misguiding the common folks. Their whole life is concerned with God, I am sure the rational ones on questioning themselves must have realized how wrong every one is about god. If each one of us had never been told of the concept of God, we would have never imagined it on our own.

But we are so used to this, having been told about this since birth, that we have never questioned this belief, which really amazes me.

Also Stephen hawking is quoted in the article saying, "We are getting closer to answering the age-old questions: Why are we here? Where did we come from?"

How close are we?
This is a question that even Mr. Hawking may not be able to answer. But I hope to know it in my lifetime.

Probably God can answer it. What an irony !


Roodge said...

haha..nice one dude. i see u have strong belief in science. i need to write a post like that...about religion n stuff. i cant get myself to write too political on my blog.

Pratik said...

i will be looking forward to ur post on it, u r a fabulous writter, ur last couple of posts were really good !

Roodge said...

Thanks for the compliment dude!!!

Amit said...

In primitive times each day was a fight for survival. But one thing that kept humans alive was faith. This faith you can attribute simply to god or simple faith in one's abilities. But at that time man was unsure of his abilities and faith was more towards God an unknown that saved him from unknown dangers. Times have changed but the dangers are still there be it natural disaters like earthquake , volcano , floods or the more recents one like terrorsism. All these are making this faith stronger. My theory!

Roodge said...

The article is good!! i heard that Hawking had apparently predicted some things pre-big bang. However the pope didnt want him to divulge too much. not sure how true this is though