Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Outsourcing- Beat this!

While having a conversation with Chris and Adam one friday afternoon about everything from the UN, world economies to US and outsourcing, I distinctly remember Chris saying, "Can we just outsource the war in Iraq to India?"

Looks like it is pretty much happening. You can read it here. Also the big question is What Next?


Harsh Vardhan said...

Hi Pratik,

Thanks a lot for the info you sent me re: Sonia and conversions.

I have written about it at

I have written the following to acknowledge your help:
"(I am grateful to Pratik Bhandari for bringing this article to my attention. This is perhaps the first time a national newspaper of India has reported on Sonia's Christian Evangelistic activities, which have been heard about for a long time. Pratik blogs at"

Hope that's okay (since you didn't ask to remain anonymous)...