Monday, September 28, 2009

Improved DL system.

I had to take a challenging course this semester called 'Advanced Math Modeling'. I have a programming/modeling phobia. Mainly because I thought I would have to do this for my PhD, when I wanted to pursue something completely different. This morning I was reading a paper on modeling water loss in farms due to evaporation, for a quiz in this class. The paper was very helpful since it gave me an idea on the semester project. At the same time the Champions Trophy India-Australia match was getting washed-out. While folks at Cricinfo were speculating about D-L targets for India, it struck me. Can fuzzy logic inference systems be used for predicting totals in case of a rain affected cricket match? There is loads and loads of data to model the 'fuzzy part' on. Also it can be compared to the Duckworth-Lewis and other algorithms for unaffected full 50 over matches and see which one does a better job.