Thursday, September 01, 2005

Technology: India a developed nation.

I think to become a developed nation, we should develop new technology ourselves. What I mean by technology is not just high tech, sophisticated, expensive gadgets, but simple concepts which can make one a capable entrepreneur, i.e it will help the individual as well the nation as a whole (no matter in how small a way). Our engineering colleges churn out several thousands(optimistic figure) of engineers every year. But engineers who have become engineers buy writing excellent papers, getting good marks, and mugging text books. There is little or no practical application of this knowledge. I think we should include research in our gradute programs also.
In his book vision 2020 APJ Abdul kalam has noted that in India the golden triangle between academics, industry and R&d has not emerged. If this emerges then with funds from industry using facilities of the R&D labs and student labor, we can develop new technologies ourselves.
Also yet another facet of this is that the technology existing in our defence and aerospace labs can be used for commercial and social purposes. An excellent example of this is that, in one aerospace lab in hyderabad superlight but tough titanium alloy used in satellites was used to make crippers for the handicapped.


Nandan said...

More funds should come for R&D. Negative factors like corruption, Red Tape in Government sector should be reduced as well.