Saturday, September 03, 2005


Few days back I came across a blog on rediff, with this really amazing post; so i quote from it,
" Spring, is when it rains where I live. Not the downpour that one is used to in India. Here it is a disappointing trickle that is over even before it began and yesterday while watching ‘Rain Coat’ I couldn't help but ache to get drenched in such a downpour again. Warm rain pelting down on me furiously. While the roads flood and people hitch their clothes up to wade across the slushy streets. While bicyclists lift their legs in the air as they maneuver a puddle. While autorickaws with flapping plastic sheets pinned across the openings oblige to take you home for nothing less than twice the usual fare. But would I fling the door open and keep the windows shut the whole time someone from my past arrives unannounced. I am afraid this time I will stand behind the shut door and wait for the seasons to change."