Wednesday, January 25, 2006

FDI in retail

Well my last post spoke breifly of retail..........and here it is. The government has decided to allow 51% FDI in retail of single brand. Allthough this probably won't open up the floodgates nevertheless it means that, (if the left doesn't mess up things) we shall very soon see brands like Gucci and Versace in India. Well, more than that the government can gradually open things up and allow FDI in other retail sectors.

No wonder the left is protesting, as they feel that opening up the entire retail sector to FDI can be detrimental to intrests of cornershop owners.


Roodge said...

the world is globalizing. The idea that mass production whether its assembly line...or having a mcdonalds in every major city of this that it reduces variation and hence reduces costs and enhances profits. So even if the 51% of the sector is opened, we are still looking at more money circulating, hence higher profits and hence enhanced capital investment. I think this is good news. Yes the bad news is that the concept of independent retail will change now. Lets see how it breaks down man.

Zaki M said...

I am not a Leftist, but I somehow seem to agree with them.
But again as before, I have a strong feeling that the Left is helpless and can do nothing more than protest...

Pratik said...

@rugved, yes globalisation is i think the most followed phenomenon today.

@zaki, I have diferent views on this. When the indian economy was opened in 1991, people feard that indian industry won't survive the competion by foreign companies, but they did and are doing very well. So when retail sector is opened I am sure the small shopowners will survive too. But more importantly retail is gonna provide a very large scale employment.

Pushpak said... embarrased to say this but inspite of being this wacko authors brother,I dont know whats FDI...!Yes I did read in the news about the 'opening the market' thing but i was too eager to see wht brands tht gets in india than what it really means!and i dont understand why the Left are such cranks?OK I might not b knowing wht they really do but they r opposing the modernisation of airports n thts pretty much shit!!All they can do is cry bout everythin like Iran n all.. So Bro, could u do some explainin on wht FDI is when u r free? THANKS !!!