Friday, April 14, 2006

George Fernandes

Recently an event occured which probably didn't as much media coverage as it possibly should have. George Fernandes was toppled as part leader of the Janta Dal (U). What the newspaper says about this is that, this is possibly the end of his political ambitions.

My compilation of all that I have know about this person. He was probably todays 'left' equivalent in the NDA government. The essential socialist. Made his way into national politics through trade union politics. In the early 90s (or late 80s), he along with Datta Samant (one who unionised the Mill workers in Bombay, and lead their agitation, which eventually led to the closure of the prosporous textile industry in B'bay) almost crippled Bombay. George Fenandes did that with a Railway strike, and a very long one too.

Ironically he later in his life wnt on to be the Railway Minister. Not the only irony in his life though. He had aspired to be a priest earlier in his life, and as Defence Minster was alleged to be involved in the 'coffin' scam. He was not without his share of controversies. (Have yet to see a non-controversial politician) Also his spat with Mamta Banergee in the earlier NDA regime had led to the collapse of the government then.

Nevertheless from an, another person on the street who went on to become the defence and railways minister, his life has been some journey. Although this may not be the end for him afterall since everything is possible in Indian Politics (Congress and BJP allies?????????). So dont count the person clad in kurta and sandals out.

One thing which I am sure of is that, we may mock them(politicians), we may curse them, but we cant do without them. They are indeed a colourfull tribe.


Anirudh said...

george fernandes is a phoenix!...he will surely rise from this low and come out trumps!...the guy who kicked out coke in the late 70's has a lot left in him.

Pratik said...

yes he did kick out coke.
is he a phoenix....that time shall tell.

Zaki M said...

my rssreader missed this - the %$$&* thing..
nyways - i can comment now - "he had duped the railway staff when he was their union leader and escaped with their money" i've heard...
besides, he was never clear about his ideolgy, doubt if he ever had one..

@pratik - gr8 to see ur interest lies in 'indian politics' too.. way to go!