Friday, April 14, 2006

Indian Hypocricy

I saw a debate on NDTV which dealt with relations between India Pakistan and the United Sates. It had Aamir Khan as one of the guests. (personally my favorite actor, and best of the khans, more on it later)

Pronoy Roy who was hosting the show, made a remark whch completely floored me. What he said is certainly true. He asked Aamir Khan, "What is this hypocracy against the United States in India? Everyone hates America (I don't), and yet they want to go there for higher education. So it is like ' Yankee Go Home But Take Me With You '?"


anand krsna said...

i still have so many friends, who will say they wont leave India, but believe me, they will all be here soon...
such hypocrisy is absolutely uncalled for.

upar se patriotic hone ke dhong dethe hai phir chale aathe hai sab chod chaad ke

good point that you made...
i completely concur!!