Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Was having a conversation with an Indian guy in my university about Indian words being absorbed into mainstream English. The common ones I knew were verandah, jungle, mantra, pundit, karma and a lot more.

While studying for GRE I as told that, if I go to the US, I shouldn't be supprised if a professor asked me to go out for shay (written as chai, but pronounced shay in the US), as that is nothing but desi tea. I had initially thought that this might be the case in really upmarket places in New York, were investment bankers might be fascinated with the fancy exotic stuff. But was suprised to find shay in my own University Campus!

Neways, I will finally get to writting, what I intended to, in the first place. I had first heard the word Juggernaut, when Navjot Singh Siddhu, had used it for his team, in the fantacy cricket program on ESPN Star Sports. I didn't learn the meaning as, 'irrestible crushing force', untill later. But wasn't aware of the origins of the word even then, which was really really shocking.

Would you believe that the origin of the word, comes from the Jaggannath Yatra in Puri. Read about it on Wikipedia, they will get across the point better than me.

Did ya know about this stuff? If you did, how naive am I?


Aditya Pethe said...

Hi. The "shay" was interesting. The origin of jaggernaut is actually dead beaten quiz question. Thats the only reason why I knew about the origin. ;-) It surely is interesting though.Readers Digest had an article of Indian words in English once. It was fascinating to read.

Zaki M said...

aaj baat-baat mein naiveness jhalak rahi hai? kya baat hai?

and the old look of the blog was better :)

The Bhandari's said...

well am naive to it :| good to learn a new thing :)
shay concept is also new to be :P interesting

Pratik said...

@aditya, but u did know the origin!

@zaki, dude dont know a better word for it, soo....BTW u didnt answer the question?

Zaki M said...

@pratik - unfortunately, i had heard about its root before.
and green & ingenuous are synonyms of naive.... and they sound as exquisite :) hope to read u using them soon ;)