Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yet another Rahul in the news

As if news created by Rahul Mahajan was not enough, Rahul Bajaj decided to jump in the scribes too. Ironically his being in the news has a lot to do with Pramod 'so many skeletons in the closet' Mahajan. The rajya sabha seat vacancy caused by the soap opera like episode, had to be filled, to which Rahul Bajaj was nominated by NCP, and backed by BJP-Shiv Sena. The congress had fielded its own candidate for it.
This caused so much tension between the NCP and the Congress that there were rumors of NCP allying with BJP.

So Bajaj's nomination for the Rajya Sabha post almost split the NCP and the Congress. This is so very ironic. Ironic because the Bajajs over last few generations have known to be congress loyalists. Jamanalal Bajaj was follower of Gandhi, and was sort of adopted by him. He was also very active member of Indian national Congress then. Rahul Bajajs father was treasurer of the Congress party after 47. However Rahul Bajaj is not exactly following their foot steps. In the Walk the Talk interview, he was queried by Shekhar Gupta, if he is more inclined towards the BJP.

Well if the Congress and NCP do split, and the NCP allies with BJP, the Shiv Sena will surely split with the BJP (as they threatened to do in the last lok sabha elections, when there were speculations of Sharad Pawar allying up with BJP). Congress and Shiv Sena can never be allies and Raj Thackeray will never ally with Shiv Sena. Raj Thackeray allying with Congress also does not seem possible. So a Raj/BJP/NCP can indeed be a winning combination.

A lot of Iffs and Buts, but will surely be interesting in the next elections.


Zaki M said...

bore hai yaar aajkal maharashtra politics - everything seems dead.. UP is where all the fun lies :))

Pratik said...

@zaki, not following UP politics too much. but 5 parties in mah. and possible recasting of alliances, will be interesting in the next elections.

Zaki M said...

dude -- its like 3 years away ... longg time - lets see if the 5 exist* till then :)
UP is next year - and the fun is only going to increase

* - by exist i mean, in the current state they are in

Pratik said...

ya i get what ur saying, but i was just pointin out the possibilities. neways my post was mainly intended to write abt how rahul bajaj is ditching the congress.

Pratik said...

aired on 23rd june on bombay talkies on NDTV, Shrinivasan Jain asked the same questions to Rahul Bajaj, whether he is leaning towards the ncp, bjp,shiv sena; and moving away from the congress. he replied tht sharad pawar was a old friend of his, and he had earlier been in the congress only, so he is not necessarily ditching the congress.
my post was published on 21st june, so i sort of wrote it before ndtv reported it.