Saturday, May 30, 2009

Racism related attacks on Indians down under.

In January of 2008, during the test match played at Sydney, Aussies threw a tantrum about Harbhajan's alleged calling Symonds a monkey. Why are the so called righteous men, who claim are intolerant of racism silent now when Indian students in Australia are being attacked by petrol bombs and being stabbed by screwdrivers?

A few months back after similar attacks on Indian students in Australia, authorities there advised Indians against being very exhibitionists and not show off their i-pods and laptops, and hence attract attention. Do only Indian students carry i-pods and laptops and not others in Australia? Even now, authorities in Australia are calling these crime related incidents and not racist. If these are just criminal and not racism related incidents why are only Indians at the receiving end of them? Why are the authorities still in denial?

Anyone who knows about the money gate episode and Australian behavior then, I am sure, would be totally infuriated by this.

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Also this is what the Police reportedly did to one of the protesters.