Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts on where BJP lost it.....

A comment on the Friends of BJP blog/website. I agree with all of this. Its like I wanted to say all of this, but couldn't have said it better by myself.

"What is the diffrence between Nationalism and Hindu nationalism? Is there such an entity as hindu nationalism? Nationalism can not be HINDU or any other religeon . I always thought nationalism meant indianism. That is the first mistake …. Nationalism must be about Indianism. Hindutva there fore is not about hinduism as a religeon but about india or hindustan as our ancient land is called due to being land of SINDHU and and Not hindu ( every body by now knows that in persian sindhu is hindu as there is no s defining sound there …… should ask a linguist how this has been derived)So hindus live in land of sindhu and their dharma is hinduism please note dharma not religeon. Kindly define this carefully and do not get confuse the two. follow dharma what ever relgieon you belong to.
Yet do not be soft on enemies of India (hindus included), that means fight with mind and brain and not sword and voilence. Voilence only begets more voilence and hate more hatered. Define your goals and reach them. Define hinduism in a modern way so young can identify. Do not alienate them but include them by change in a modern way. You do need young India with you. remeber Vivekananda suceeded by inclusion of all kinds of people and not by exclusion of large chunks of them. Let us have a reality check.
1. Hindus are a progressive society - they will adopt any thing which is of benefit to the society by weighing it carefully. There are no dictats in Hindu society. You may not believe at all in god and still you can call yourself as a hindu.
2. Westernisation is a reality. Accept it and assimilate it
3. Do not dig the past and glorify it - it will be of no use to any one.It only brings out contradictions in our society. Just be proud of your land and keep all the good things from past reject all baggage.
3. Yes prejudice against BJP is deep seated but take stock whether we have done any thing to remove that at all? Have we taken stock of situation and ground realities in our society? Have we formulated any concrete plans?
4. Yes in politics perception matters as much as reality. It doesn’t matter whether BJP is communal or not, as long as it is perceived to be communal…… i totally agree. But preceptions are also based on some kind of reality. ( Til hai to pahar hai) Define why this preception is following us like a dog. Define how it should be countered - not by arguing but by doing. Show by concrete evidence.Put some work where your mouth is. start a massive rehab program in communally sensitive areas specially where congress has probelms in this sphere. work constructively for upliftment of dalit population and all poor in that area. Generate rural employement by party work and teach people not to be dependant on governmental schemes alone. Reduce dependancy on mai bap sarkar. In other words define your programmes and place them throgh NGOS just like minority communities do.
5. Social change can occur only by changing society in preceptible ways but these are often ill defined factors. Greatness is to understand them and implement agenda in subtle ways. Counter issues like conversions, minority appeasement etc. in correct ways and not by being shrill about them. Do not shout from roof tops regarding these issues, counter them by deeds like reconversion drives, hindu NGO support and propaganda , and not voilence as in kandhmahal. Please realise bad press is indeed very bad.
6. Start some TV chanels that are supported by RSS and BJP and are managed by reporters who are pro BJP. Right now there is no body in any media that supports BJP. having your own network will help but the management should be left to juornos alone. Above all these jurnos must be of good credentials and must be percieved by public as being above board and impartial.
7. DO NOT BE APOLOGETIC. No need for that. Well this is our ideology and we will stick by it … should be our creed. BJP spokepeople on TV are always sounding apologetic. They can not counter the bad press BJP gets. They can not encash the situation as well as their conterparts.
8. Be very vocal and condemn statements from opposition like minorities have the first right to India etc made by Mr. M MM. yesterday in AP so many statements by YSR Reddy were very comunal, but have you even heard a murmur from BJP in state and outside it? Where are you Mr. Venkayya Naidu? Where is your press team ? Does it exist at all?
Enough for now
I have to now run some urgent work …."